EPHA Board Meeting Minutes and Financials

EPHA Board meetings are held virtually at 8:30AM the second Wednesday of each month.

Board Meeting Minutes - Jan 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes - Feb 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes - March 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes - Special Meeting Mar 23, 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes - Special Meeting Mar 30, 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes - April 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes - May 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes- June 2020.pdf

2019 Meeting Minutes

EPHA January Board Meeting Minutes.pdf
EPHA February Board Meeting Minutes.pdf
EPHA March Board Meeting Minutes.pdf
EPHA April Board Meeting Minutes.pdf
EPHA Board Meeting Minutes - May 2019.Corrected.pdf
EPHA Board Meeting Minutes - June 2019.pdf
Board Meeting Minutes - July 2019.pdf
Board Meeting Minutes - Aug 2019.pdf
Board Meeting Minutes - Sept 2019.corrected.pdf
Board Meeting Minutes - Oct 2019.pdf
Board Meeting Minutes - Nov 2019.pdf

2018 Meeting Minutes

EPHA January Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA February Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA March Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA April Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA May Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA June Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA July Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA August Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA September Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA October Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA November Board Minutes.pdf
EPHA December Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

2017 Meeting Minutes

(No meetings completed for April and August 2017)

Dec 13, Meeting Minutes.pdf
November 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf
October 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf
Sept 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf
July 12, 2017 meeting minutes.pdf
June 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf
May 10, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf
March 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf
Feb 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf
Jan 25, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf
Jan 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf

2016 Meeting Minutes

Dec 2016 BOD minutes.pdf

Nov 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Oct 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Sep 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Aug 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Jul 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Jun 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
May 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Apr 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Mar 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Feb 2016 BOD minutes.pdf
Jan 2016 BOD minutes.pdf

2015 Meeting Minutes




April 8, 2015 Approved.docx

May 13 EPHA board minutes.docx

June EPHA board minutes.docx

EPHA july minutes.docx

EPHA August 12, 2015.docx

Sept minutes.docx

Oct 21 Board minutes. completed.doc

Nov 2015 minutes.docx


2014 Meeting Minutes













View our archive to see meeting minutes beginning in 2009.

Quarterly Financials

Highlights 1st Qtr 2018.pdf
EPHA Highlights 2nd qtr 2018.pdf
EPHA Highlights 3rd qtr 2018.pdf
EPHA Highlights 4th qtr 2018.pdf
EPHA Highlights 1st qtr 2019.pdf
EPHA Highlights 2nd qtr 2019.pdf
EPHA Highlights 3rd qtr 2019.pdf
EPHA Highlights 4th qtr 2019.pdf
EPHA Highlights 2020 1st Qtr Financials.pdf