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Community Workforce Programs

Beginning in 2016, after the issuance of the 2016 Housing Needs Assessment, the Estes Park Community took several steps to provide additional housing in the Estes Valley. One of these steps, executed in late 2017, was ordinance 30-17 which created an incentive to provide a variety of attainable and workforce housing for persons living in the Estes Valley. 

The Town of Estes Park has entered into an agreement with the Estes Park Housing Authority to monitor compliance with the restrictive covenants, which both public and private developers have since utilized to expand the available housing options in the Estes Valley. A description of the additional housing options created as a result of ordinance 30-17 can be found via the links on the left side of this page. 

Also available on this page are links to forms used for the verification of households' workforce or attainable status. 

Workforce Housing Programs

Workforce Rental Assistance

Workforce Restricted Developments

Peak View Apartments (EPHA Property) - Rental

Grand Estates (EPHA Property) - Rental

262 Stanely Ave (Private) - Rental

444 Stanely Ave (Private) - Ownership and Rental

Alarado (Private) - Rental

Wildfire (Private) - Ownership

Future (Private) - Prospector - Rental


Workforce Verification Forms

Webform - For Workforce Verification Submissions 

Verification of Employment Authorization

Occupancy Certification